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Founded in 1923 and based in the small Flemish town of Ledegem, Algemene weaving mill has an ongoing policy of meeting the wide-ranging needs of individual customers without compromising on quality. ALGEMENE TWO does not confuse a customer-oriented approach with simple opportunism. This helps to explain why our fabrics are exported to customers all over the world.

To establish a long-term relationship with its customers no effort is spared in our quest to ensure an end product of the highest quality. Our own in-house designers frequently cooperate closely with customer’s designers to create the most sophisticated collections.
Algemene TWO. is renowned for a highly attentive and efficient overall approach leading to a resounding success with customers from the furniture industry, the wholesale trade and the contract market. Alongside flexibility and quality we pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering on time, every time.
Through their creativity, dedication and expertise, all the employees and agents of Algemene TWO are contributing to the success of its exclusive fabrics. The very much appreciated support of our suppliers and customers completes and perfects the partnership.

The world feels at home with Algemene TWO.
Algemene TWO feels at home with the world.

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